CODA and CATCHPlus together built this architecture:

Overall CODA architecture. Components with checkmarks are built by CODA.

Components that are delivered by CODA:

  • Mapping and conversion of existing and automatically generated annotations to OAC compliant format
  • API with OAC compliant resource representations for the CATCHPlus annotation repository and service. The API supports storage and retrieval of annotations.
  • OAC search interface: different levels for generic and specific search for document annotations. The corresponding search user interface was built in the context of the CATCHPlus project.
  • OAC compliant web service for Named Entity Recognition
  • OA compliant line cutout service for automatic detection of line bounding boxes
  • Reports¬†about
    • Addressing segments of body text for further annotation
    • Composition of annotation Targets and Bodies
    • Layered annotations
    • Open Annotation Server and Annotation Queries
    • Application of the OAC model across CATCHPlus cases
    • Application of SharedCanvas
  • A synchronized viewer component for annotated text