Modeling issues

The two main CODA use cases explore a number of Open Annotation modeling issues

  • Annotation of text segments
    • How to annotate segments within the texts of annotation Bodies
    • Exploitation of the relation between text hierarchy and document image layout
  • Modeling and exploitation of layered annotations (annotation of annotations, or of annotation bodies)
  • Combination of several different native annotation formats in one architecture
  • Map several flavors of linguistic annotations to OAC
  • Modeling sequence, layers, annotation sets?
  • The use of OAC annotations with (RESTful) web services (with OAC compliant resource representations).
  • Generic versus specific search for heterogeneous annotations.
The next figure shows our Open Annotation representation of the first CODA use case: run an named entity extraction service over transcription texts that are aligned with lines or word zones of a scanned handwritten document. We chose to aggregate all transcription text fragments to one text for the full document scan. Individual transcriptions and named entity annotations are associated with segments of this text.

Open Annotation graph for CODA use cases

An RDF representation of this graph is also available